Ever have something happen to you that you could immediately relate to deeper issues in life?  If you tend to analyze, make connections and see patterns like I do, then I’m sure this happens all the time.  So here’s the story…

I had just finished gassing up my car and was headed out of the station driveway when I saw a little spider on my windshield.  Ugh – I hate spiders!  I promptly stopped and grabbed a napkin and swooshed it with deadly intent away from me.  Mind you, if critters are in my space, I do use deadly force to remove them.  If I’m in their space (hiking, camping, and such) I reserve the right to use capital punishment if they are threatening me, annoying me, or threatening to annoy me.

Back to my story.  I crumpled up the napkin – really really tight to make sure the little bugger was really really squashed, or at least trapped beyond hope in the maze of paper wrinkles.  I started to go again and I saw the dang spider happily sitting on the passenger seat next to me as if nothing had happened!  WHAT?  I put the car in park and grabbed another napkin and swooshed it again even more aggressively.  Note, I do NOT like squished bug juice of any sort on any surface near me, so I tend not to out and out smash down, but more like flick away hoping to simultaneously capture AND shoo far far away.  This time, I’ve got you, buddy.  Crumple, crumple, squeeeeeeeeeeeeze really hard.  Car in drive – going.

Look to my left, look to my right – WHAAAAAAT??? – there he was on the passenger window!!!  YOU ARE KIDDING me right now.  That’s it mister – you’re going DOWN!  I drove to another area of the parking lot, shut off the car, went around to the passenger side and opened the door.  Dang if the little bugger didn’t jump – I mean like an Evil Knievel sail through the air with a double half twist and perfectly stuck landing IN my book bag.  Oh – NOW you’ve done it.  This means war.

I furiously dumped the bag, napkin in hand for the shock and awe that he deserved – no holding back this time.  Nailed him, straight on, full force – squished that defiant little #@@&!@@ and he is no more.  For real.  Gone.  Saw the body.  Disposed of the evidence.

So here’s the lesson.  How many times in our lives do we shoo away, smooth over, cover up little issues instead of dealing with them head on, only to have them come back up even nastier?  For me, not wanting to deal with squashed bug juice that would have taken one little wipe with a damp napkin led to a 10-minute chase, wasting my time and raising my blood pressure.  I should have just squashed in the first place.  But, then I wouldn’t have this story…and I may not have learned this lesson.

Here’s to use of “deadly force” to deal with a problem up front, head on, with dignity and grace.  Don’t be afraid of the bug juice. 

Until the next writing on my wall…remember,
Your destiny awaits…ACTIVATE!


Posted by Bralynn Newby, author, speaker, online business manager for Christian speakers, and content strategist for coaches & consultants.  Creator of Spirit-Centered Business ™ and Planning to Profit ™.  To contact Bralynn email Activate@BralynnNewby.com.