Your business shouldn’t be something you do to make money.

In fact, I would submit that if you’re in business to make money, you’re not fulfilling your destiny, nor the destiny of your true business…if you’re called to business at all.

Please hear me – I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t make money in business – you can and should make BOATLOADS of moolah!!  If you’re called to be an entrepreneur, and even if you’re a business professional in someone else’s business – God GAVE YOU THE POWER to create WEALTH!!!

What I’m saying is that your business has it’s own destiny scroll, and your destiny is meant to be fulfilled partially through your business.  You AND your business are a facet – an expression of God himself.  When you’re walking out your destiny through your business, you’re PASSIONATE about what you do and those you serve, you’re fully ALIVE living your calling and purpose…and it has nothing to do with money.

The money you generate is a natural by-product of you doing what you love, knowing what you’re worth, and telling your story in a way that attracts the people you are called to serve.

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