The microphone is handed to you, and they are listening…

If you had the microphone right now, and the world was listening, what would you say? Do you know the message on your heart…the one you were destined to share?

A couple days ago I challenged you to get out and be seen. And then I thought…wait a minute. The number 1 challenge people face is lack of clarity on their message.

So… you could be willing to take a risk to get “out there” and then not really know what to say. (I have recurring acting dreams where I either miss my cue or get onstage and freeze. – I’ll have to see a therapist about what that means. LOL)

But in general… I do know what my BIG message is:

“You can serve others while you’re still under construction.”

…and I’ve dedicated my business to getting that message out, and helping my clients to actually DO the serving. Yes, while they’re still under construction. There’s a whole story around why this is important to me…but I digress. It’s not about me.

What is YOUR message? What do you want to say, to teach, to share? Seriously. I’m interested. Let me know. Comment below, or drop a note: