The River is Waiting!

We’re excited to share our life-giving conversations with you.  Donna and I saw an opportunity to provide a platform for refreshing Holy Spirit moments during the hot summer months.

How does that happen?  We experienced stepping into this stream together one day and want to invite you to share it with us.  Come along with us as we raft on the River of Life in the Holy Spirit flow.  We’re open to whatever heaven shows us or brings us, and we’re looking forward to getting wet!

Maybe you’re looking for a community that offers effervescence to your spirit.  Well, this is the place for you!

A Different “Summer Splash”

River Rafting


Join our Deeper Conversations


Learn Dream Interpretation


Discover Journaling Tips


Explore Engaging Heaven


Avoid Pitfalls and Stagnation


Q & A with Bralynn & Donna


Private Online Community for Connection

10-Week Group Tour

June 21st – Aug 30th

2pm Eastern

Live via Zoom, Private Group on Mewe

(recordings available)


Limited scholarship funds available for those in need who would like to join us.

Let’s Get All Wet in the River of Life…Together!