FREE Master Class to discover the key building blocks to starting your heart-based coaching business...without confusion or feeling like a fraud.

"Create Transformation and  Revenue
with the Message on Your Heart"

Introducing the

Heart-Based Coaching & Courses

Master Class

In this Master Class You Will Discover

  • How you DON'T have to have it all together to start making money
  • How to find the gems hidden in the pain of your past to make your mess your message
  • How to laser focus on exactly who you serve
  • How to infuse your marketing with their language
  • How your business model can create transformation in your clients
  • How your signature process can enroll clients into your business
  • What is needed NOW, verses nice to have when it comes to your technology platform

Hey there, I'm Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, and I'd love to have you join me for my new Master Class: Heart-Based Coaching & Courses

I work with visionary coaches, speakers & influencers to package their brilliance for more leverage in their business. We design platforms of influence, build transformational business models to monetize their message, and activate systems & structure to impact more lives and make more money.

Mini BIO: I'm the creator and host of Spirit-Centered Business™, author of Planning to Profit; Architecting Your Unique Story into a Business you Love, and co-host of Kingdom Talks

The Top 3 Questions I Get All the Time... and You're Probably Wondering...


Q:  "I would like to coach people, or teach something...but what?"

Q:  "Don't I have to have formal training, like a degree, or something to be a coach?"

Q:  "I don't know the first thing about technology, how can I teach an online course?"


Excellent Questions, All.


And these are the focus of the
Heart-Based Coaching & Courses
Master Class


Look, I've been there.  If you're like me, this isn't your first rodeo kicking the tires on learning something new in the hopes it will change your life...and taking a chance on just wasting your time with something you'll never use.  I get it.

In fact, I used to be a conference junkie...and then a guru groupie when online courses started. If there was a free class in anything remotely interesting, I was there.

But this master class is different. 

First of all, let me keep it real - this class could easily sell for at least $197.  It's only free because I want to get the basics to you in a no-nonsense, real way you can use.  Not just to use the info, but to whet your whistle for something bigger--and really cool--I'm going to show you at the end of the class.  (As you may have guessed.)  I'm pulling back the curtain and telling you this right now because I ALSO want you to learn from the CONTEXT of what I'm doing, not just the CONTENT.  I've learned just as much by paying attention to what's going on in the theater as I have to the play, so to speak.  If you want to start a coaching business...this will serve you as well.

Back to the Master Class, and why you don't want to miss it.

It's actually worth a LOT more than free, I can tell you.  My clients pay me well for the info I'm putting into this master class, and I don't take it lightly.

I don't take your time or attention lightly either.

So what makes this master class worth your time?  You wouldn't have read THIS far down a webpage if something inside you weren't saying, "YES, this is interesting!"  That little voice has probably also been tugging at you to start sharing your story, your experience, you expertise in a bigger way...  To really help people get RESULTS that will solve a problem they have, or make life easier, more convenient for them.  Or maybe you would like to help people get the BREAKTHROUGH that you got, or AVOID a mistake or pain you endured.


Regardless of WHAT you want to teach or share or help people with,
this class is the HOW to get started.

...without giving you a one-size-fits-all formula
that leaves you tasting like chicken.


That really irks me.

When gurus come along and and give you a template to coach with that doesn't have any connection to WHO YOU ARE, or what YOUR UNIQUE message is.


Sure, there are some best practices, tips & tricks I'll share,

but the cry of my heart is that you would design, build and activate a business that is authentic, and reflects and honors the cry of YOUR heart.


And that's why, even though this is a class worth at least $197...
I am giving it to you as a gift.



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